The Phoenix Collective is a project that came together after Kama Sutures went on hiatus. It is comprised of songwriters and MCs from San Diego to Sacramento and beyond. This is one of many coming rebirths for Kama Sutures. It is truly an honor to have this much talent come together and lend their wings. It's the remix album! The masters will be released beginning of 2017, and even more from the vault to come... 

With much appreciation I'd like to introduce the artists who made this possible:

David Bagels, Someday Assassin, Roxanne Wars

David is one of the first friends I made when I moved to San Diego from PA. You might recognize him from the bands Fascination with Heights and Drive More Drive, or if you're lucky, Death as a Holiday. A lyricist and songwriter by nature, he rapped for about 15 years before his world collided with Rock and Roll at the peak of the Nirvana driven Alt Rock era. You can hear the Hip Hop influence in his hard driving melodies. His music path practically forced him to play guitar as bands and band dynamics would have it. More of an artist than an artisan, guitar became a vessel for his creativity. David simply wanted to be able to write songs and had far less interest in being a guitar virtuoso. If you ever get the chance to see him play in Someday Assassin or Roxanne Wars you will not be disappointed! He is one of my all time favorite song writers, up there with Frank Black of the Pixies. As I asked him to describe his sound he humbly replied, "its more about the passion and the feelings and emotions than it is technique for me." 

Listen to what he did on Breathe Me and find more from him here:


Marcus Anderson, Stereosparks

Marcus Anderson provided a jaw dropping remix of the already dark and illustrious Sonya. It's not surprising if you know him. He's played in bands from Chico to Nashville and been a feature on genres from Rap, Hip Hop, Rock to Pop. Be forewarned, his slide guitar WILL cast a spell on you! Currently, he's half of the power duo Stereosparks in Chico, California. They are well worth a road trip to Nor Cal to see live if you haven't already. I know cause I've done it. Recordings can't quite do justice to how mesmerizing their energy is on stage but you'll still love it!

Check them out here:


Tony Snow

Tony Snow is a singer and song writer who's written and produced over 60 songs on his own. Being part of many others in addition, he's worked with producer Wayne Rodriguez and even been heard by Sony. His song "Hollywood" was considered for Nick Lachey. Tony wrote the song "Born to Fly" for Rebekah Lebeau, Kieth Green's daughter. He cites Tupac as the reason he started writing to begin with. Hip Hop was the first love, then R&B. Tony is an artist of many different genres now and he has certainly taken As I Go to another level! 

Find more from him here:



Keeping it bitter! Bitterpants makes music sometimes. When not in the studio Bitterpants enjoys space travel, kicking kittens, and hosting dance parties! Check out what they did to Don't Be Alarmed and find more of them here: 



For more information, find XP in the underground or listen here:



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