The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Kama Sutures: Open Letter

I’m writing this because the majority of people in my life are completely unaware of what happened to the band. Here’s a little background:

                 I cofounded Kama Sutures in 2014 and co-write over a hundred songs.  Every artist wants to share a piece of themselves with the world. That is why we create after all. We look for meaning in life, we look for purpose and understanding within ourselves, and we love the ride, the journey music takes us on. KS debated whether or not we should start our own record company to share our music or go for Major Label support. We decided to go big.

                 I hired MGI and was able to achieve major label attention early on, despite our Avant Garde tendencies. This led to a label showcase at the end of 2015. We had enough interest to be put under the microscope by a handful of labels afterwards, including in person meetings and careful examination of our lineup.  We were asked to provide more material and started writing some of our best songs to date at that point but the money didn’t come quickly enough for some. I think most people would agree that it is unheard of in the modern digital age, the YouTube, Spotify, the illegal download era, that a band would be written a check the night of a showcase, or even within a few weeks afterwards for legal and logistical purposes. But I’m sure it did happen a few times in the 80s…

                Good record deals these days are even more difficult to come by, when they do come. I withhold judgement because from a business perspective, I myself am not writing below the line on any artist but myself. It is my opinion however that mainstream music lacks representation. There are indeed a plethora of amazing bands out there that I have watched and been inspired by however.

                It’s depressing that artists like Someday Assassin, Clepto, Doc Prop and The Mighty Jones are not some of the biggest, most well-known artists in the world. Last night I watched one of the most amazing live sets I have EVER seen, Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Tour. I have been to hundreds of shows across the country and seen the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Melvins, Public Enemy. I’ve been to Operas, Cirque, modern and classical dance, including Burlesque and even Poetry Brothels. But last night I was blown away. The context of me talking about it here is that I saw that show for $10…and it feels so wrong to have paid so little. Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman and Busdriver’s hours long set for $10!!! I feel like sending them additional money as a donation for blowing my mind! Looking across the board, as an artist and patron of the arts, I am disappointed that the overall cultural collective valuation of art in society is as low as it is.   

                Kama Sutures wasn’t signed as quickly as some of the members would have liked and they chose to leave. I will spare the dirty details, every good rock band has them after all. Those details don’t matter because the dust has cleared, the wounds are healed and the priorities have changed. I am grateful for the path I walk and all the experiences I have and have had. They have tempered my soul and enriched my character. Plus, I released an album I am very proud of. In addition I have hundreds of very good yet to be released material.

               Kama Sutures’s goals now are simple. Passion and Art, offered in a musical and visual format. Prior to now, KS never really got their chances to be heard because we focused too much on achieving major label support. For the very first time the album will be available for anyone to hear on multiple streaming platforms. Plus I’ll be giving away free album downloads.

               This is just the start. In time I’ll be releasing some of the hundreds of very good, Kama Sutures songs, never before heard. The Phoenix has been a long appreciated archetype for me and there is another rebirth coming as well. Kama Sutures has been collaborating with artists and MCs from all over the coast. In a separate post I will be providing more details about who, when and where! But more music is coming soon people! - Stay tuned and always, stay passionate!


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