The newest must hear sound in the indie industrial rock world is Kama Sutures out of Los Angeles, California.   With a sensual sound assault that crosses many genres over the last several decades the Kama Sutures find their musical soul from the modern bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the old school like the B52’s, X , Nina Hagen and Siouxie and the Banshees with a base constructed out of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. The creative duality that compose the Kama Sutures are vocalist Francesca who has an incredibly vast vocal range that when combined with her lyrical hooks, phrasing and tone mesh in perfection with the musical mastery of Mattrix the mad architect behind the Kama Sutures endlessly unique vibe, feel and sound. 

Here’s Francesca and Mattrix on how they created their unique band name:

Francesca,” Finding a band name was actually extremely challenging. We had gone on for months and written 40 songs already and people were asking us what our band name was and all we could say is “That’s a good question can you think of any cool band names that aren’t already taken?”   It was a couple months ago right before we copyrighted everything Mattrix came up with it and we couldn’t believe it wasn’t already taken. 

Mattrix, “I wanted it to be “Karma Sutures” but I accidently pronounced it the right way.” (Laughs)

Francesca, “It’s better this way because Kama means “Desire” and “Sutures” in Latin means “To Mend” and I like that “The way to mend” because music is a very healing modality.

The Kama Sutures break new ground with every tune they write.  This is what Mattrix has to say on creating these new tonal landscapes.

Mattrix, “I do a lot of different approaches I have been doing this for so long and I like everything that is underground and I kind of just mix it all together.  My main goal with writing music is just to do something that is not boring in each part.  I take a cliché and then I break that cliché.  I always try to break new ground and do things a little bit different from what I have heard.  Combine different elements and take new risks.  Musically what makes us stand out are very different note patterns that people don’t normally do and tonally I don’t follow any specific mode and it’s a tricky thing.  Sometimes there’s just one note you can sing for any given part for it to work and it’s hard to find that one note but Francesca always seems to find it. 

Vocally Francesca has a four-and-a-half octave range and here’s how she meshes her singing with Mattrix’s music.

Francesca, “That comes together in different ways. I am kind of like a topliner so he gives me the music and I topline off that on my own and I try to come up with something that is not going to bore Mattrix.  I come up with vocal melodies and lyrics in different ways.  For example when I was doing “Periscope” I heard the instrumentals and I got this theme in my mind and I started seeing the story this ghost who was trying to come back and talk to her lover who is still alive and she is in this torment.  It was the weirdest thing because it was like watching a movie in my mind and the song kind of wrote itself.  And sometimes I will hear a song and I will ask what colors are involved or what is the taste of the song or what is the feel of it. I’m very sensual in my approach and I let it be created through me rather than having an agenda.”

Kama Sutures are set to take on the global stage with massive tours in the works, far reaching radio campaigns, lots of new music coming, videos, a full line of merch all packaged with a live show that will raise the bar for fans higher than ever before.  The Kama Sutures have signed a management deal with Shawn Barusch of Music Gallery International one of the most respected names in the industry. 

For more info on Kama Sutures contact:

Management: Shawn Barusch

Publicity: Groovey

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